CHHA-Calgary offers a number of resourceful items to assist the hard of hearing community. These are listed on this page, as well as links to other web sites with helpful information. Click through to the sections below or to the right to learn more about each.

Funding Programs

CHHA-Calgary offers funding programs for assistance. Click here to learn more about available programs.

Reading Material & Videos

CHHA-Calgary has put together a few print resources, including a couple brochures and “Ear Smarts: The Hearing Loss Handbook” which are useful tools for people wishing to learn more about hearing, communication, and more. Also, CHHA has produced a “Sound Ideas” video, available in VHS or as a DVD, designed to provide tools to help you live successfully with hearing loss. To learn more about what the video covers and to view a sample of the video, please click here.

Helpful Links & Organizations

There are a number of other organizations in Calgary and on a national level that also offer useful information about hearing loss. For a complete list click here.

Hearing Aid Vendor List

Alberta Aids to Daily Living Vendor list for hearing aid supplier throughout Alberta. Click here for the complete list.

Employment Support Services

Symmetry Solutions is a specialist Employment Support Service for Deaf and hard of hearing people. They have successfully supported several hard of hearing people with their job search and assistance with workplace accommodations. They are also researching equipment for the workplace and will have details soon. Learn more on their website.